Who am IWho am I? Well, that is an interesting question to ask, isn’t it? The thing is how would you describe yourself, let alone introduce yourself to people – how will you? If a random stranger, walks up to you and asks you “who you are?” what would your reply be?

You see, maybe you can describe yourself – your name, your culture, your nationality, your career, your personality, your passion and even your qualifications all make up a part of who you are. So?

“Who are you?”

This is the meaning of identity – so, let’s begin by introducing myself. Yes?

                         “My name is Maiysha Ajlan, and I was born in the year of the 91’s. I am a South Asian – Sri Lankan to be exact, and I am a Muslim (a Malay Muslim) although I am Sri Lankan, I was raised up in Thailand and evidently, I am at a loss because my languages have not been my strongest aim – especially trying to master a whole lot of languages. I am a student of the Arts faculty at the Open University of Sri Lanka, and I major in English Language and Literature. My hobbies ever since I was a little girl was reading and to tell you the truth, it still is. Swimming was one to; however, I had to stop it due to my sudden epileptic illness. I love writing and it gives me as escape into what I just want be, apart from that Music has always been a guide and sort of escape for me growing up. To be honest, it has been quite a difficult life especially when I was in my late teens, hence the escapism. Even till to date, music uplifts my emotions when I am sad. I have a big family – and let me tell you, siblings? I’ve got many. We are a family of 4 girls and a kid brother. So, yes – today economically that’s a big family.”

You see? It all depends. How would you describe your life, your story and who you are? At, the end of the day it all comes down into explaining to anyone about who you are or what you do, but let me ask you something – is it only just this?

For me, being able to define myself is challenging because it’s not just about my name, personality or any of the details given above. It’s about knowing who you are and what you love. It is being able to identity you, for yourselves amongst these mass populations of the entire universe, and it is important. To know,

“Who you are!?”




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