e221ef1647087fd721797d631e94cae2-relationship-pictures-relationship-goalsLet’s face it; falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. There are people who would think otherwise but love comes in all kinds of different ways. Will everyone agree whether love is one of the best things that could ever happen? Well, falling in love and staying in love are two different things. What sets the two apart for a guy? 

First of all I believe that a woman must be able to give the man a presence to want to commit to her. Will it be worth it? Is it a question that would pop up in to his head when he decides and she has to give the vibes that say “yes it’s worth it? Are you up for it?”

A man needs a woman. Why? Well, one reason being he will want the feminine touch and support. The kind of touch and support that only a woman can give you. Your guy friends will give you both the soft and tough love in your hard times but nothing and I mean nothing in the world comes close to the soft and feminine care that a woman can bestow upon your soul.

As a guy you need to be a man with a plan and a future you are trying to create. If you aren’t you shouldn’t be trying to find the right woman that will make you stay but rather get your life together. If you do have your plan, of the future – get ready to create. You will need a source of strength, a hand to hold onto, and the feminine support to carry you forward in making your dreams come true.

a33e8d9ac8862fa299c8ba59d1f86d0a-staying-positive-poemsThe woman should have a life. A man would not want someone who is also clingy and got nothing else to do. She has to have her goals in life too. Things she likes to do. There are things that a man, could help the woman achieve. One thing that a man believes that dictates gentleman-ship and manliness is being able to help a woman. A woman has her own life to live and goals, that she wants to achieve is one huge reason to commit.

Finally, on a personal note someone who cherishes her beauty; the kind which makes a woman desirable. The more you cherish the more, its worth for a man to commit towards you. The more you cherish yourself the more a man would want to protect a woman such as you and as a woman that is something you would want a man to do.

It is hard because let’s face it all women seek love and attention but would you rather seek for quantity or quality is what you need to ask yourself. All in all, everyone has different tastes and interest that will make him feel that for her I will stay. “I know it will be worth it.”



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