DSC01173So, on the 7th of August we went on a journey for a 3 day family trip and beginning early morning, I woke up at 5.30 am and did my obligatory prayers and just had some work to do, finishing up all that I got ready, we started the journey at around 8.45, believe me, it was not easy to get ready because I have such a huge family and getting everyone into the vehicle, was pretty tiring packing and everything.

By the way, packing was like packing for a week’s trip. So, the story goes on as we reached Kesbewa, Jungle Cabin at 10.09 making a pit-stop at keels super because my mom wanted to buy a few things. Anyways, we reached just as the last few guests were about to leave and well we explored a little. (I am going to speak for me and my family so I will be saying “we” mostly)


So, Jungle Cabin, is in an isolated area of land surrounding a flowing lake by the cabin and the space is open with a huge garden area, and because of that – the natural wind blows right straight through, the day was particularly cloudy and calm, it did rain as soon as we arrived a little but still once the rain ceased we did get a little family fun time in the pool with my sisters (the reason ,my mom and stepdad didn’t swim was because they aren’t the fun sort, I guess) but still I had jumped into the pool after nearly 13 years,


it felt exhilarating the very few things I really enjoy for myself and no one ever takes it away from me except of course my mom. She is being extra careful because it was just two weeks ago that I had a seizure and just recovered. So, I am not going to blame her for it after all it was my fault. Anyways, swimming was something I actually had the liberty of doing – I guess, I feel happy because, my mom cannot actually chase me in the water (P.S she cannot swim)


After an hour or so, we indulged ourselves in some delectable devilled prawn with some Dhal (Lentil) and Spinach, Potato and White rice combo; it was perfect especially after a swim. This is supposed to be a family thing and so just to add, my mother’s cousin’s family joined up too and well, there was a bit of sing song enjoyments too, courtesy of my step dad (unfortunately I do not want to put names up) my family was enjoying the entire first day solely on the gardens, just I guess mainly to recreate and bond. The saddest thing that happened though was that we only packed our monopoly and UNO card pack – the rest was all at home, well there was not much to go with so we played things that we had forgotten long ago. Games, like run and catchers, Simon says and those games that were created before technology. It was a beautiful start to a perfect vacation.





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