Far from Colombo….
I live with ‘green!’

 Night n’ day – light n’ light
Dawn n’ dusk – bright n’ dark

Flats n’ towers – uniform n’ uniform
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WhatsApp Image 2018-02-05 at 3.25.26 PM.jpegHe told her a lie. The sweetest one yet to be said. But before anything could ever happen she understood beyond her stars that it was a calamity that overtook her. She realized his lie was just the sweetest escape for the entire world to see. He held her hands and spoke to her the sweetest of all temptations – words enriched with the most delightfully melodic sounds a human being could ever swoon over. Her heart was capsized overflowing with a wondrous zeal of excitement and anticipation. Yet, she felt distrustful. She felt an eye. A third eye. Her unseen eye. A connectivity. A pathway from her mind’s subconscious – to the slit of her beloved’s closed drooping eye. She read and studied his words all the while her brain’s ability to lure out the vicious disease that was in store for her. She walked into his mind. It felt real, almost exhilarating. Continue reading


Hey there,

c611e87c-7839-11e7-83e1-68866f5cbeeeHow are you? Its quiet up here. I’ve been trying to gather the courage to write to you, but it’s been hard. The worlds moving too fast, it never stops to look back at you. People just keep going. And I ask myself, how can I ever stand tall among all this chaos? How do people withstand the sea of time, how can you plant both feet in the middle of the ocean without sinking?
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article-0-1a172d6700000578-574_634x418This is to those people who feel depressed, lost and tormented. This is for the sick, the troubled, the heartless. This is for those individuals, the people who suffer to wake up early in the morning because they are afraid, lonely and sick. This tribute is for those who cannot and do not know how to​, when they cannot.

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fccad70ce81269a62772ccc50f77a7acThere was once a man who claimed the title as the greatest thief who ever lived. There was nothing in this world that he couldn’t steal. Rich men from the under world, government and even businessmen hired him to steal things they can’t. His chances of stealing were one hundred percent which meant he never missed. He leaves no evidence and always disappears without any trace. His micro planning was brilliant to the dot. Continue reading


My childhood was awesome and yes, there were times where I have enjoyed myself to the maximum, memories that a child could ever make. It was not about the types of things we did or said to one another, but the fact that there was enough of quality time for a lot of the fun things in our lives. Growing up in a time where there were no phones or laptops have made us the people who we are now. There are things such as; child abuse, verbal abuse and all sorts of abuse in the world, today; but where we came from, was a time where this was not our life. We were trashed and beaten if we did not do our homework or memorize the multiplication tables, although we had all that we still survived stronger than ever. It was much simpler then, anyways, enough of me yapping. Continue reading