Image result for gun to the head killThe silence of the night was deafening. It was too dark and too quiet, yet perfect. It was calm and serene. The sound of the ocean breaking the silence that was yet to be broken. Down below I could see the cars jamming the road, I could see the city lights blinking in the distance like stars that were covered in smog. The city shined so bright yet it was so dark, a perfect illusion, a thwarted reality. A world of harmony that was just a life of chaos. Continue reading



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Life processes are daily activities in one’s life. We breathe, excrete, nourish and self-sustain ourselves on a routine basis. This is only just a simple idea of what life is about. However, as humans we desire more than just existing. There is a terrible crisis which we face and that is our human desires and wants which are unlimited hence we need more than what we have and we become ungrateful. The great philosophy of Abraham Maslow hence states that we are inbuilt with a hierarchy of needs which stage by stage leads us to a path of fulfillment or self-attainment. Nowadays people are in competition with one another and it is this ‘fight’ to strive to be better than the other is what makes us truly sick and devastated in the heart. Continue reading


Image result for trust your soulHe walked into the room, stepping over the ruckus.
The room smelled of mustiness, probably the deadness of the body.
It was weird. He smiled, choked and laughed.
Hurting inside – he urged his brain to talk to the walls, to see what they witnessed when they were alone.
She was unhappy, so was he. They made a mess of things. Here. There. Everywhere.
The inspector read in some more, digging deeper and deeper to quench his thirst for what happened Continue reading


Related imageI was watching her and she had the softest touch, she was reminiscing the delightful pleasures of her contact. She was confused for a moment though as if her emotions were run like the wind; she was wild, the incentive like a fire which would not diminish. She felt her wall build up higher as she remembered how he mentioned words like ‘love, trust, and honor.’ It was not that she did not think of those words it just that she felt wound up because she could not truly grasp the emotional baggage that it came along with, they were deadening words to her and she could not fathom the fear. She worked up the courage to try and reach into her subconscious yet she couldn’t fathom those words. She sat out late one night with me and told me the story of why she was and what made her fear these words. Continue reading


Related imageThere is beauty when you come to think of it. Hushed murmurs, stolen glances.
It’s the moment when two become one. Its sweet and rough. Never felt before. That awkward talking of what is right and how its done. Its sweat beating. Its the laugh you cradle and the joy you share. It is an emotional bond nonetheless, sweetest mistakes fathomed kisses, hungry desired lips ensnared raptured and caught. Slight touches, caresses slow, painful and yet memorious. Continue reading


Related imageThe concept of appearances and reality is often juxtaposed in this world, and the closer you look at it the lighter this matter seems to shed onto yourself about the world and its population. There is nothing more important in this world than yourself and what you reflect, but still people try to keep up with falsifying themselves instead of trying to be truthfully honest. Appearances and realities generally specify about how people have learnt to underestimate and make less of a truthful opinion, instead they try to make their lives filled with ‘illusionary’ wealth, riches and luxury. Continue reading