Related imageI was watching her and she had the softest touch, she was reminiscing the delightful pleasures of her contact. She was confused for a moment though as if her emotions were run like the wind; she was wild, the incentive like a fire which would not diminish. She felt her wall build up higher as she remembered how he mentioned words like ‘love, trust, and honor.’ It was not that she did not think of those words it just that she felt wound up because she could not truly grasp the emotional baggage that it came along with, they were deadening words to her and she could not fathom the fear. She worked up the courage to try and reach into her subconscious yet she couldn’t fathom those words. She sat out late one night with me and told me the story of why she was and what made her fear these words. Continue reading



Related imageThe concept of appearances and reality is often juxtaposed in this world, and the closer you look at it the lighter this matter seems to shed onto yourself about the world and its population. There is nothing more important in this world than yourself and what you reflect, but still people try to keep up with falsifying themselves instead of trying to be truthfully honest. Appearances and realities generally specify about how people have learnt to underestimate and make less of a truthful opinion, instead they try to make their lives filled with ‘illusionary’ wealth, riches and luxury. Continue reading


u-paklenom-carstvu-jeftine-prostitucije-u-srbiji-ovde-se-za-seks-placa-veceromThe woman who lay on the floor was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. It was such a shame with what she did to herself. He couldn’t understand why she did it either and then; his eyes caught her note.

She decided that it was too, way too much. She wanted him and yearned for him and yet she was desperately out of her mind. She could never ever get him, and deep down inside it burned. She loved him and couldn’t put her hands around the thought. Continue reading


article-0-1a172d6700000578-574_634x418This is to those people who feel depressed, lost and tormented. This is for the sick, the troubled, the heartless. This is for those individuals, the people who suffer to wake up early in the morning because they are afraid, lonely and sick. This tribute is for those who cannot and do not know how to​, when they cannot.

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fccad70ce81269a62772ccc50f77a7acThere was once a man who claimed the title as the greatest thief who ever lived. There was nothing in this world that he couldn’t steal. Rich men from the under world, government and even businessmen hired him to steal things they can’t. His chances of stealing were one hundred percent which meant he never missed. He leaves no evidence and always disappears without any trace. His micro planning was brilliant to the dot. Continue reading