downloadThe clock ticking away: and then, the sounds of televisions being switched off. Silence fills the air. Everything just slumbers away into the darkness, resting from those animated dramas and evil plotting schemes, hysteric laughing and nonsense memes. All, you can hear, is the sound of the wind swaying the trees to and fro, frightening and yet quiet. The start of calling dogs, bats crickets rush into your mind as you sit alone in your room and you lie in bed. Thoughts rushing past you and wondering about you so fast that you can’t keep track. Some are of which that happened at home, school; work in the spirit of positives, negatives and neutral. It messes you does it not? But still the night fascinates those who are the empowerment of day’s failings and triumphs. Next day conquers and still surprises.

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india-political-map-capital-new-delhi-national-borders-important-cities-rivers-lakes-english-labeling-scaling-57634632Now, most of you might be thinking where on earth Sri Lanka lies on the world map? For one, its right at the bottom of India towards the southern side, and it is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean (hehe, maybe it’s called that because it is shaped like a pearl) situated in the Bay of Bengal.Describing this wondrous country cannot be just explained in a few fine paragraphs, nevertheless I will try. Unfortunately many people miss this beautiful country because it is small – but don’t we all think that with the other countries as well.

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DSC01173So, on the 7th of August we went on a journey for a 3 day family trip and beginning early morning, I woke up at 5.30 am and did my obligatory prayers and just had some work to do, finishing up all that I got ready, we started the journey at around 8.45, believe me, it was not easy to get ready because I have such a huge family and getting everyone into the vehicle, was pretty tiring packing and everything.

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shutterstock_266694722Today is a day where I just feel like writing and well, I am writing; rather I am just going to be rambling about some random nonsense that might not even really be important but just so you know. There are days when we all like to read, relax, or even maybe be lazy. Well, today is a day that I feel extremely alive to write and well, since recently writing is not something that came to me easily. The reason why I have been feeling so down is because I have been going through quite an emotional roller coaster.

Let’s face it, most of us – *ahem ahem* to be honest, all of us are all in trouble and have been through many difficulties of life, maybe you suffer financially or maybe even you must be going through a bad relationship or even you may be mentally strained or otherwise – you may be battling with a prolonged illness. Let me first, say. It is not easy and all those cheesy clichés that many say do not stick long because at the end of the end. No one knows what we go through. Continue reading


campagne-de-lassociation-terre-des-femmesAre you a person who feels judged like all the time? Don’t worry, I feel the same – most of the time. We are all being judged. I guess, it’s ironic or maybe ever ludicrous that some people assume that they can just judge us for everything. You see, I am from a South Asian country and don’t get me wrong. I love my identity and I am a Muslim – but that is not the point, the point is that there are many people who claim they are from a religious background. Well, let me just tell you; religious or no religion –  You can be labelled as a judgmental human being. I have no offense to my religion. As a matter of fact, I have no disrespect to any religion. I believe that all religions preach kindness and humanity, but seriously what is wrong with our people? How can they ever just use religion as a backdrop and insult everyone as they go? No wonder, there are more hate crimes and war. All they blame it on is religion, but have you ever just stopped and thought about yourself. How you find faults and pin people down just because they are different? This is absolute jealousy 101. If anyone needs a little tutoring on love between people, just look at children. Is this what we are made for? To be judged by one another – by land, and property values instead of knowledge and abilities
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They say words can change lives for better or worse. Here some that made a difference in my life. I hope sharing some of them will inspire you.

“Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which colour to slide down on the rainbow.”  ― Douglas Pages

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