WhatsApp Image 2017-12-03 at 6.21.40 PMDon’t you sometimes crave for a person who you can just pour your soul into and watch them absorb everything like a sponge? Is it too much to ask for someone who is just perfect in a way and gives you the right amount of, love, care and soul satisfaction? I guess life and people are not as perfect as we all would like them to be.
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Is it too much to ask why people break promises? Or why they make promises in the first place? Today in everybody’s eyes, promises to mean nothing and whether you may like it or not – we are negligent of the very word. So, tell me exactly what does it mean? Are they just a bunch of few cliché words used to woo whoever you want to have in your life and then maybe just let go in a couple of years. Continue reading



It was a brand-new day and all was well, but the truth is it was a Sunday and let me just let you in on something, Sundays at home, are ridiculously loud and exhilarating. The family is home and we were just having some innocent fun. Sundays on a typical morning is wake up – have a late breakfast, stay in your pajamas except that I am on a very tight schedule. You see, I am epileptic and sometimes on very rare occasions I get mild sudden attacks, maybe it is my fault. Maybe I was the one who was over thinking about something ridiculous and neglected me.

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friendship-1‘’Not friends, Not enemies, just strangers with some memories’’

Sometimes the need for acceptance, the need to be a part of something big, to be a member of a group is one of the biggest wish and expectation of any teenager irrelevant of any age. But you sooner or later realize the bitter truth hidden under the icing of the cake we long to protect, which is reality. The results of being in a group includes your mind to drift away from what it normally is, you tend to think in the same way, you practice the same things and maybe you try to even imitate your friends. You become one of many. You lose your individuality. You lose yourself. Continue reading


shutterstock_396552382How would you feel when there is no point in turning back time – and what if time travel was possible; not to mention accessible to every single human – being? Would you walk through time and try to alter what was already written? I for one – give and take have survived a whole mass of destructible relationships, bonds, losses and gains: albeit I am quite content with where I stand today; no matter how delusional this may sound, trying to rewind my pasts mistakes – the losses, gains and EXPERIENCE that I have accomplished throughout my life is not just going to change, and that is a reality! Altering it is going to be, the biggest mistake of a lifetime. Continue reading


past-and-future2-1024x640Why do we ever think, that this has happened to us before? What about the fact that it could ever happen again, to any of us? Just so you want to know? Life is such, and the fact is that if it hasn’t happened  to us a few hundred times, how can a memory ever be established? How do people, even know whether it’s a repetition or if there is a lesson that’s supposed to be learnt? Ultimately, what comes down to it is the level of perspective, time and most importantly understanding. Continue reading