Image result for trust your soulHe walked into the room, stepping over the ruckus.
The room smelled of mustiness, probably the deadness of the body.
It was weird. He smiled, choked and laughed.
Hurting inside – he urged his brain to talk to the walls, to see what they witnessed when they were alone.
She was unhappy, so was he. They made a mess of things. Here. There. Everywhere.
The inspector read in some more, digging deeper and deeper to quench his thirst for what happened Continue reading



Related imageThere is beauty when you come to think of it. Hushed murmurs, stolen glances.
It’s the moment when two become one. Its sweet and rough. Never felt before. That awkward talking of what is right and how its done. Its sweat beating. Its the laugh you cradle and the joy you share. It is an emotional bond nonetheless, sweetest mistakes fathomed kisses, hungry desired lips ensnared raptured and caught. Slight touches, caresses slow, painful and yet memorious. Continue reading


Smelling pages entice me,
When it turns across the face,
Aroused feelings of great awe to expectations,
Of what lays ahead.
It tells of a mythical story,
As I read the synopsis at the back of the book.
Of princesses, of wars, or of mass destruction,
Chaos wreakth chaos. Dysfunctional in system.
Each story creates the vivid blurry images in my head. Continue reading


fccad70ce81269a62772ccc50f77a7acThere was once a man who claimed the title as the greatest thief who ever lived. There was nothing in this world that he couldn’t steal. Rich men from the under world, government and even businessmen hired him to steal things they can’t. His chances of stealing were one hundred percent which meant he never missed. He leaves no evidence and always disappears without any trace. His micro planning was brilliant to the dot. Continue reading


Have you ever stopped and just thought about your relationship with the other to be “too good to be true” or “meant to be?” Well, if these things are sometimes popping in to your mind chances are it probably is. Sometimes you could say you are waiting. Waiting patiently for more signs but yet keep on rejecting the signs. Do not worry, I have been through it and I am going to share those little signs that caught my eye. They were signs that told how we were like the shoe to her lace, the bread to his butter, the smile to her dimples.

A clear warning I would give you is that all these signs may not need to be your soulmate checklist but if it ticks off most points. Well, I don’t think I have to tell you the rest. Continue reading


15528417538_7f6d007a0d_zYou were the spectre of light which illuminated my existence. The happiness which culminated my soul for you appeased me, harmonously. You were the light within my soul, the air I longed for and yearned. Yes, you were the man I deeply loved and existed for. You stayed with me through it all; as the passing of time – I learnt love, honour, dignity – from which you showed. You showed me the strength and courage to face realities. To face my demons. It was you, that loved you and taught me to love myself. Standing still; I see the forlorn shadow of yester-years and see that chance had got past me; for I altered when seasons changed; and I felt my soul enliven for the deep sense of you: but oh! You. You.

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