DSC01173So, on the 7th of August we went on a journey for a 3 day family trip and beginning early morning, I woke up at 5.30 am and did my obligatory prayers and just had some work to do, finishing up all that I got ready, we started the journey at around 8.45, believe me, it was not easy to get ready because I have such a huge family and getting everyone into the vehicle, was pretty tiring packing and everything.

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‘Babe, are you sure?’ my best friend asked.
I nod back staring at the courthouse.
‘He took you away
Ripped you from us
Babe, are you sure?’ she asked.
My mind flashed back
To, in the beginning, a dark time.
Dark voice whispering coldly,
‘Come with me now!’
Dark eyes glistened,
Sometimes with anger,
Sometimes with a smirk,
But most of all, guilt
Dark eyes shone with guilt
Long slender hands holding me hostage
I was with him for days.
Yes, he broke me
Yes, he bound me
But he also made me love him
‘And no,’ I said firmly when my best friend asked
‘It’s not Stockholm Syndrome’

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shutterstock_266694722Today is a day where I just feel like writing and well, I am writing; rather I am just going to be rambling about some random nonsense that might not even really be important but just so you know. There are days when we all like to read, relax, or even maybe be lazy. Well, today is a day that I feel extremely alive to write and well, since recently writing is not something that came to me easily. The reason why I have been feeling so down is because I have been going through quite an emotional roller coaster.

Let’s face it, most of us – *ahem ahem* to be honest, all of us are all in trouble and have been through many difficulties of life, maybe you suffer financially or maybe even you must be going through a bad relationship or even you may be mentally strained or otherwise – you may be battling with a prolonged illness. Let me first, say. It is not easy and all those cheesy clichés that many say do not stick long because at the end of the end. No one knows what we go through. Continue reading



Some of you may be thinking break-ups and how to deal with them, well; let’s just say that break-ups are never the easiest and I mean whether it may be a split from your significant other or even maybe a divorce. It really is not and personally, they are one of of my most dreaded fear. It’s not the part where you cry because someone left you, but it really is a way to kill yourself. Don’t believe me? Break-ups are generally a way to lower a person’s self-esteem and whether you may like it or it just seems to be the case. We all grieve and the, grieving process might take the most of the part to get over a person/husband. Let me let you in on a little secret, yes? Basically, some of the tips and tricks (positive) I would have tried to come over my losses. Continue reading


It’s already done but it will never be inside my heart and mind. It is not fair because everything seemed perfect. For us and for others but sometimes things don’t work the way we want to. We were too much in to each other, that the hole we fell together is too deep to get out from. Maybe not for her but for me, yes. I want this pain to end. It hurts too much because how can I forget that her face when she laughs and her cute way of getting annoyed. How can I forget a face that I can explain each of her emotions so descriptive in my head? You would say ask, your friends for help. I did and my friends tried to help but they are now strangers too.


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