WhatsApp Image 2017-12-03 at 6.21.40 PMDon’t you sometimes crave for a person who you can just pour your soul into and watch them absorb everything like a sponge? Is it too much to ask for someone who is just perfect in a way and gives you the right amount of, love, care and soul satisfaction? I guess life and people are not as perfect as we all would like them to be.
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Have you ever stopped and just thought about your relationship with the other to be “too good to be true” or “meant to be?” Well, if these things are sometimes popping in to your mind chances are it probably is. Sometimes you could say you are waiting. Waiting patiently for more signs but yet keep on rejecting the signs. Do not worry, I have been through it and I am going to share those little signs that caught my eye. They were signs that told how we were like the shoe to her lace, the bread to his butter, the smile to her dimples.

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15528417538_7f6d007a0d_zYou were the spectre of light which illuminated my existence. The happiness which culminated my soul for you appeased me, harmonously. You were the light within my soul, the air I longed for and yearned. Yes, you were the man I deeply loved and existed for. You stayed with me through it all; as the passing of time – I learnt love, honour, dignity – from which you showed. You showed me the strength and courage to face realities. To face my demons. It was you, that loved you and taught me to love myself. Standing still; I see the forlorn shadow of yester-years and see that chance had got past me; for I altered when seasons changed; and I felt my soul enliven for the deep sense of you: but oh! You. You.

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 It stood still, the moments. The memoirs.
She tucked it safe within herself.
Beautifully still, and untouched.
Her heart, mind and soul – her psyche.
Gathering it. Holding, locked.

You see, these memoirs were not good nor were they bad.They held life’s spectacular lessons branched into one entire. It awakened her. The soul, the erotic raw passion she felt – with a tinge of sadness. She controlled herself.

He saw her, sitting – talking incessantly. Wondering, if he kissed her mouth. Would she? Would she just hold it in, just for a minute. He was only what she could see. He sat silently. Kleptomanic was he? Silent. Serene. Frozen in time. Just a perfect painting on the wall. He sat. He watched her. He bewitched her.

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angel loves demonShe looked at him longingly, at the way things were. Emotionless and void of feelings, and yet inbetween them passed a billion senses that interwove the understanding that this was not just a game. It was something more, wholly catastrophic she sensed. She wanted to put her defenses up but how could she? His defenses were higher, she knew it but still, every time he looked at her; she felt something fatalistically unsolveable. He clung onto her, she felt. He didn’t want to let go and something terrible caught her chest. It throbbed. Because in that mere miniscule of a moment, she clung onto him wholeheartedly and realized: that no matter what she did. She would grasp him in his entire being and form. Continue reading