Related imageIts right about that time, when you finally realize,
Walking down memory lane seems spectoral.
It gathers your senses and bewitches your mind.
Which century would you choose,

How would you choose? Not to mention why?
Colours, lights, inventions and much much more,
Re-live every spectre of true life’s brilliances.
Forget about now, when or whom.

Take that trip down memory lane.

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Smelling pages entice me,
When it turns across the face,
Aroused feelings of great awe to expectations,
Of what lays ahead.
It tells of a mythical story,
As I read the synopsis at the back of the book.
Of princesses, of wars, or of mass destruction,
Chaos wreakth chaos. Dysfunctional in system.
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Every time he spoke about the future
she always said,
“Yes, if I live that long”
or something along those lines.

He looked at how life was back then.
Late night calls, that went till the sun came up.
Even if there was nothing to talk about,
the least they would do is make up an argument just to talk about something.

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