Blossom white flowers thousands ever;;
In the bush bamboo by the ‘Ging’ river;
All white no green;
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What do you think? Sweet or bitter?
You act as if it was sweet. Everybody thinks its sweet.
Some say “I’ve never seen anything that looks so delicious!”
And didn’t I nod with agreement?  Continue reading



Every time he spoke about the future
she always said,
“Yes, if I live that long”
or something along those lines.

He looked at how life was back then.
Late night calls, that went till the sun came up.
Even if there was nothing to talk about,
the least they would do is make up an argument just to talk about something.

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hqdefaultTo some, it would have had a category. Others would go the extra mile in trying to give it the form of life calling it a he, or even probably a she – except that it was not. It was imperatively impossible to name a thing which was alive; but not wholly alive. It breathed in air and exhaled it too, just like any ordinary human who would. Except it was not. It was just a thing; a thing which existed throughout the world. The city. It had that perfect; yet unsated mystery by which everyone was intrigued by and wanted the yearn to know; the deep-seated grasp of wanting more to learn about the “thing” which captivated. To have; it was the naïve art of its soul. Oh, yes! It had a soul. It had a spirit. Continue reading




‘Babe, are you sure?’ my best friend asked.
I nod back staring at the courthouse.
‘He took you away
Ripped you from us
Babe, are you sure?’ she asked.
My mind flashed back
To, in the beginning, a dark time.
Dark voice whispering coldly,
‘Come with me now!’
Dark eyes glistened,
Sometimes with anger,
Sometimes with a smirk,
But most of all, guilt
Dark eyes shone with guilt
Long slender hands holding me hostage
I was with him for days.
Yes, he broke me
Yes, he bound me
But he also made me love him
‘And no,’ I said firmly when my best friend asked
‘It’s not Stockholm Syndrome’

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