“Real love is; a blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the whole world, giving up your whole heart and soul to be the smite”

People can be very contradicting in today’s world and are often found; to assemble and implant mixed feeling – of which as such are vaguely described as opposites or rather juxtaposed with a war between the – Love vs. Lust. Continue reading



I find it very controversial to find that there are more family feuds than happy families. Life is so weird and strange to find that due to sibling rivalry many family vacations and reunions have become one less short of a family, and most of us miss the fun of having to be with loved ones. after all, family is all that we got. Continue reading


So, here’s the thing: I realized that I woke up this morning very hungry and demented – so before showering I prepared myself a little breakfast gulped it down, because I had to rush (University lectures) Oh yes! You see, guys I am a student studying Eng. Literature and Language and well, that is my major. But this is not the point of what I would like to say, what I just noticed was the fact that days are short and come to think of it “Time flies” is no more just a mere expression. Continue reading


Ok, so yes, I feel extra positive the reason is because I am surrounded by the beautiful nature and I feel so free where nothing is bothering me and to be honest, the only thing that makes my life perfect is the fact that I am surrounded by my family and the scenery and breeze is just gorgeous. I swam with my sisters and I had beautiful day but that does not inspire me the truth is that there are plenty of beautiful things surrounding me and I realize that life is just a complete mixture of crazy attitudes. Continue reading


11988581_910317519057335_5636593161836041841_nThe wind blew gracefully across the main school ground of my college. Golden rays of sunshine fell upon the 125-year-old building from the far west where the sun set across the horizon from the suburbs of Colombo. In the oldest building of my college, sitting in the lobby just outside the office was me. Holding two pieces of paper – my leaving certificate and my character certificate. Staring at the pieces of paper in my hand I was contemplating if after everything I was a part of in school, that those are the only two ‘pieces’ that I was taking home.  Continue reading