hqdefaultTo some, it would have had a category. Others would go the extra mile in trying to give it the form of life calling it a he, or even probably a she – except that it was not. It was imperatively impossible to name a thing which was alive; but not wholly alive. It breathed in air and exhaled it too, just like any ordinary human who would. Except it was not. It was just a thing; a thing which existed throughout the world. The city. It had that perfect; yet unsated mystery by which everyone was intrigued by and wanted the yearn to know; the deep-seated grasp of wanting more to learn about the “thing” which captivated. To have; it was the naïve art of its soul. Oh, yes! It had a soul. It had a spirit. Continue reading




                    Speaking about women; has always delighted me because; I myself, come from a long line of strong women in my family, but if everyone knew what it was like to be a woman back in the day, you would be amazed and here, I am empowering the woman as she ought to be appreciated in high regards and honor beyond limits, To be, totally honest with the people who do not understand why it is important to write about this is because (women used to suffer cruelly unlike today.)

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downloadThe clock ticking away: and then, the sounds of televisions being switched off. Silence fills the air. Everything just slumbers away into the darkness, resting from those animated dramas and evil plotting schemes, hysteric laughing and nonsense memes. All, you can hear, is the sound of the wind swaying the trees to and fro, frightening and yet quiet. The start of calling dogs, bats crickets rush into your mind as you sit alone in your room and you lie in bed. Thoughts rushing past you and wondering about you so fast that you can’t keep track. Some are of which that happened at home, school; work in the spirit of positives, negatives and neutral. It messes you does it not? But still the night fascinates those who are the empowerment of day’s failings and triumphs. Next day conquers and still surprises.

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Now, most of you might be thinking where on earth Sri Lanka lies on the world map? For one, its right at the bottom of India towards the southern side, and it is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean (hehe, maybe it’s called that because it is shaped like a pearl) situated in the Bay of Bengal.Describing this wondrous country cannot be just explained in a few fine paragraphs, nevertheless I will try. Unfortunately many people miss this beautiful country because it is small – but don’t we all think that with the other countries as well.

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DSC01173So, on the 7th of August we went on a journey for a 3 day family trip and beginning early morning, I woke up at 5.30 am and did my obligatory prayers and just had some work to do, finishing up all that I got ready, we started the journey at around 8.45, believe me, it was not easy to get ready because I have such a huge family and getting everyone into the vehicle, was pretty tiring packing and everything.

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