shutterstock_266694722Today is a day where I just feel like writing and well, I am writing; rather I am just going to be rambling about some random nonsense that might not even really be important but just so you know. There are days when we all like to read, relax, or even maybe be lazy. Well, today is a day that I feel extremely alive to write and well, since recently writing is not something that came to me easily. The reason why I have been feeling so down is because I have been going through quite an emotional roller coaster.

Let’s face it, most of us – *ahem ahem* to be honest, all of us are all in trouble and have been through many difficulties of life, maybe you suffer financially or maybe even you must be going through a bad relationship or even you may be mentally strained or otherwise – you may be battling with a prolonged illness. Let me first, say. It is not easy and all those cheesy clichés that many say do not stick long because at the end of the end. No one knows what we go through. Continue reading



creative-mindI used to read short stories and novels almost every day. Sometimes I even go 8 hours reading continuously. Then as years went by the amount of work in life piled up and the time I spent reading books decreased. As social media took the lives of teenagers and adults alike, reading books become more of an afterthought when, only a few years ago, it was more of a habit that made us entangled in a world of our own. To be honest I really miss the days when I used to stay up late not by watching movies or socializing on social media networks but reading novels that swept my feet and took me on a journey of its own. Continue reading



got this forward email about the types of friends one would have and I personally could say I have at least one that fits in to each of these types. Like they say not all fingers in your hand are the same and with friendship day being around the corner I thought why not share this with everyone.



  1. A Loyal Best Friend

This is the kind of friend who lets you be a hot mess and knows all your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same.

  Continue reading



bild_kleinHey! Hi! Most of us are already conscious of the way, we communicate, yes? So how do we speak with each other? Language, aren’t I, right? We need a universal language to express our thoughts, emotions and perspectives – yet most of us whether, we learn languages as a first, second or maybe even beginner learners. We need a way to speak to everyone and – that’s why I am going to speak about the English language and its history. Continue reading





When I woke up and had my breakfast – I got a call saying that the lead Singer of Linkin Park (Chester Bennington) committed suicide and you could imagine my surprise. How could such a man who had an impact on teenagers and many others battling mental breakdowns, suffer himself? How did he die, why? Growing up yes, I did hear a couple of his songs just to numb my pain and emotions that I was feeling as well. Speaking about it, why was he the person who made our lives a little less than hell and still why is it that he just kills himself? Was he not happy with his life? There’s a little bit of controversial debates as to why he did such an act? Continue reading