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The world has advanced to such a depth which assimilates cultural destruction, faith not to mention actual clarity in the true meaning of life. We are faced with terrible heats of mass destruction, massacre and pain. It is devastating and heart-wrenching to see how the world has opted to exist? do we really take care of the world and our nations? People think they do the best for their country and the people who cohabit except when you really open your eyes and look within our soil, do we really see happiness? Is our earth, the land and soil we walk on, construct or pro-create happy? For a moment, let us try to imagine that the Earth was a person (personification) Do you think that it would shout for joy when in fact we have created upheaval and damage to her hair, her clothes or skin? Would you like to hurt yourself as a matter fact? Continue reading



Related imageIts right about that time, when you finally realize,
Walking down memory lane seems spectoral.
It gathers your senses and bewitches your mind.
Which century would you choose,

How would you choose? Not to mention why?
Colours, lights, inventions and much much more,
Re-live every spectre of true life’s brilliances.
Forget about now, when or whom.

Take that trip down memory lane.

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Image resultIt was believed that before Hawking’s died he claimed that Aliens would come to Earth. Besides, the point: this came to me as an epiphany when I was watching a ‘wrinkle in time’ and the word tesseract was associated with ‘teleporting, parallel dimensions and outer space.’ Apparently, it has been mentioned in a few other movies that I have come across which all involve Marvel and DC superheroes and comics (where super powers, flying or other supernatural phenomena occur.) Continue reading


Literature has been a part and parcel of all our lives, and whether it is just a very casual blog, piece of fiction or maybe even the numerous novels and poems we keep reading it has affected us all in somewhat of a way which has made us individual beings with a mind that speaks its own language, but unfortunately, this is the concern that we are unaware of. It has given us the power to see things that we never thought possible. Whether it is magical surrealism, science fiction, or even non-fiction it has made us see the world in a way that has never been seen before. Continue reading


Smelling pages entice me,
When it turns across the face,
Aroused feelings of great awe to expectations,
Of what lays ahead.
It tells of a mythical story,
As I read the synopsis at the back of the book.
Of princesses, of wars, or of mass destruction,
Chaos wreakth chaos. Dysfunctional in system.
Each story creates the vivid blurry images in my head. Continue reading