The Recipe


What do you think? Sweet or bitter?
You act as if it was sweet. Everybody thinks its sweet.
Some say “I’ve never seen anything that looks so delicious!”
And didn’t I nod with agreement?  Continue reading



angel loves demonShe looked at him longingly, at the way things were. Emotionless and void of feelings, and yet inbetween them passed a billion senses that interwove the understanding that this was not just a game. It was something more, wholly catastrophic she sensed. She wanted to put her defenses up but how could she? His defenses were higher, she knew it but still, every time he looked at her; she felt something fatalistically unsolveable. He clung onto her, she felt. He didn’t want to let go and something terrible caught her chest. It throbbed. Because in that mere miniscule of a moment, she clung onto him wholeheartedly and realized: that no matter what she did. She would grasp him in his entire being and form. Continue reading